Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ruminations & Recipes

OK, let me give this a try.

Disclaimer: In the endeavour to document the ceaseless flood of observations, ideas, inspiration, dark moods, and simple inertia that I feel on a daily basis, I am giving in to a blog. I like blogs, so you (whoever you might be!) may wonder why the trace of pessimism, i.e. giving in. It's because I cannot guarantee to faithfully post regular updates, nor stick to a certain theme as I've never been great at that when there's so much to say. Also, if you know me I frequently qualify my statements. It's part of my DNA to be fair by considering both sides :)

Another question you may have..why Food? Well since I have been truly living independently (which tends to happen upon moving 4,000 miles from a soul I knew) several things happened. I began cooking 90% of my meals, due to the fact that I have to watch my nutrition quite carefully and also because it's simply $€ in Switzerland! I also began to do my own research on healthy eating with no sugar or gluten. I started to like vegetables, though I still prefer them done up. I went out and discovered the local foods, which are often produced one town away (+) however involve a hefty overrepresentation of sausage and potatoes (-). And, most importantly, with the elimination of old pastimes like watching TV on my weekends I suddenly had something that had eluded me for years: time. (On weekdays this is an entirely different story, says the workaholic).

If your third question is why the Swiss hills, so help you! I have always had something of an obsession with travel and culture, and Switzerland is one of the most unique and misunderstood countries in Europe. Like the UK, it is somehow quite different from Continental 'Europe' but it's hard to say just how. In some cantons, women have only had the right to vote since the 70s and the proportion of stay-at-home wives - quite well educated - is high. In fact, women and part-time is expected in many circles. Still, women wield much power and this is no chivalry laden, ladies in heels society. It is an odd mix of northern European egalitarianism when it comes to the sexes, communitarianism in terms of a very clan-ish, reserved mentality, and yet over time people are extremely polite and helpful. And more relaxed than they get credit for!

It keeps me fascinated indeed. And that concludes this introduction...:)


  1. Yay Can! Kudos on the blog! I really like the layout and food photos so far. I look forward to hearing the stories behind the delicious meals you have been documenting in your Food Album!!

  2. You are so much better at posting regularly :) Seriously, I'm truly impressed with your blog!